Worldpay Gaming presented “Understanding Lottery Player Behavior by Leveraging Card Data. Andrew Crowe, Worldpay’s VP, Emerging Markets, examined data stream.
He first focused on the data stream (lottery-downstream and Worldpay-upstream). “Transaction platforms have the ability to deliver data on customers,” explained Crowe. “On cash sales, the player is anonymous.”
What’s visible with a card for retail lottery is robust. There is a shopping cart for each card purchase (amount of spend, plus what games, where, when, etc.) You can link multiple transactions to a player. Worldpay returns a “token” representing the card. The token=card=player.
Worldpay can see demographic data, financial data and lifestyle data. “Electronic payments gives you a shopping cart view of the transaction which is really a player-level view. From there, you can evaluate how your promotional efforts are working. We can then build a player profile from that can give you a market perspective,” he said.
Electronic payments provide true insights into actual player behavior in terms of visibility, lottery controls, issuer controls (available balance and credit risk) and reporting (actual experience and player profiles).
“There is a responsible gaming element,” said Crowe. “You can see what the player will spend with and without controls. Card acceptance is about attracting new players and meeting their needs. It gives a modest lift in sales from a player base. We can also set a dollar limit on weekly play.”