– Dale Bowersock, Scratch Ticket Strategy Coordinator, Texas Lottery
– Lauren Callahan, Media Relations Director, Texas Lottery
– Andrew Leeper, Brand Strategy Coordinator, Texas Lottery
– Ryan Mindell, Lottery Operations Director, Texas Lottery
– Moderator: Terri Markle, Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine

In the Texas Lottery Today panel, participants discussed creative ways to get attention despitea smaller wad budget.

“We have no TV ad budget so we get scrappy,” said Leeper. “Part of our deal with the Texans and the Cowboys is that we get TV spots during their games. We deploy resources on paid social posts and tactical digital. This opens a lane to do a push on social posts for our Hearts ticket around Valentine’s Day.”

Lauren Callahan, Media Relations Director, Texas Lottery stressed how the agency operates as a collaborative team “whether we are working on a new ticket or a public announcement to get the best story for the Texas Lottery. We work efficiently to deliver stories such as the Texas Roadhouse ticket.”

The Texas Lottery prioritized the launch of its in-lane solution in calendar 2019. “Those operational challenges call for agile solutions. I am most excited about our in-lane initiatives. We will bring on 1,500 new retail points,” said Mindell.

Texas Lottery sells 90 instant games a year. “The more constraints we have the more creative we have to be,” said Bowersock, addressing the instant game development process. “We have developed creative ways to fund our tickets with the help of IGT and our print partners.”