Dale Bowersock, Scratch Ticket Coordinator for Texas Lottery, discussed “Scratch Ticket Initiatives: $10 and $20 Price Points.” The Texas Lottery is currently limited to offering only draw games and scratch ticket games in its portfolio. This restriction limits the growth potential of the Texas Lottery and causes the lottery to seek out new and innovative games to offer in these basic categories. He provided sales graphs and rollout initiatives on new $10 and $20 scratch ticket games recently introduced by the Texas Lottery and their sales success.
He noted the challenges with the indexing model, including “new game styles, seasonality, uniform index period, print quantities, advertised vs. non-advertised and core vs. rotational.”
In the interactive break, La Fleur’s Magazine publisher Terri Markle discussed what motivates instant players to buy new tickets. “Like any ticket, design, top prize, significant win and prize payout is what drives [scratch] sales,” said Tirloni. “We hear I want to support veterans but that is not what sells. Money or gaming themes sell.”
Bowersock noted that “warm and fuzzy” doesn’t sell tickets.
He added that Texas Lottery will launch a $1 all-Spanish instant ticket in 2017. “We are also moving forward on a Best Buy ticket. I insisted that we have their branding people at the table from the very beginning,” said Bowersock.