The Honorable Larry Gonzales, Texas House of Representatives House Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman, kicked off the Austin program after being introduced by Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief. As a part of his introduction, Grief mentioned what a pleasure it was to have an entrepreneurial businessman involved in the Texas Legislature’s oversight of the Texas Lottery.
Gonzales emphasized how important the direct working relationship that has been established with the Texas Lottery has been in allowing him to better understand its unique challenges and opportunities. He is a full-time business owner who serves his state as a part-time legislator. This business acumen helps him understand the unique fiscal demands on the state-run lottery. Gonzales had no-nonsense, critical advice to lottery directors in the audience: Get out and meet with your elected officials. Show them your accomplishments and your challenges in pictures and graphs, not with long written descriptions.
“We were honored that Chairman Gonzales would take time out of his very busy schedule to share his valuable insights with our lottery colleagues from around the world,” said Grief. “With his background, his words really hit home to our industry issues.”