Kristen Knape, Strategic Planning Director, and Chris Kwak, Strategist, David & Goliath, co-presented “Co-Creation & the California Lottery.”
“Intrigued by the core values of millennials, the California Lottery used a unique cocreation research methodology to innovate new lottery ideas. The California Lottery, David&Goliath and millennial respondents got in a room together, rolled up their sleeves and talked frankly about how these key values translate to potential product and promotions.”
The project involved working with millennials to gain four insights on the theme of discovery: “They want to see the world through a local eye. Memories are the new souvenirs. Authentic doesn’t mean roughing it. They prefer to take the road less traveled.”
Knape and Kwak then outlined some proposals to the California Lottery that dealt with millennials’ fear of not being interesting—Treasure Hunt Scratchers and Ticket to Discovery.