The lottery director panel on in-state draw games discussed strategies for growing instant terminal games (ITGs).
“Using the printer in the terminal to produce an instant play just seems like a good use for the assets and offering new products. We are working on the cadence of introductions,” reported Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah Taylor.
The progressive ITGs are the top performers for lotteries. “We have a lot of success with terminal games and progressive jackpots. Our top three games account for 90% of our sales and they are all progressives,” explained Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson. “My biggest concern is that it cannibalizes instant sales. The prize payout for progressives is higher—about 78% for the $20 games. It creates a lot of churn. It works well for our players and retailers.”
Progressive ITGs dramatically impact sales for category. “Instant play [ITG] games have increased four-fold since adding progressive play,” asserted Arkansas Lottery Director Bishop Woosley. “I would recommend it to anyone. Theme doesn’t really matter on progressives. When the players see that jackpot go up, they are going to buy. It doesn’t matter if it is a macaroni and cheese theme.”