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Joel Gagnon, Director of Publishing and VP at Randolph, examined “Board Games: Same DNA with New Opportunities.”

“Games are a part of human DNA,” explained Gagnon. “They are our innate way of learning; they help shape who we are—from Olympic Games to video games, from team-based sports to brain teasers. The recent rise in popularity of board games has added a new way of socializing for a significant part of the population.”

Gagnon believes the current vogue for analog devices is not surprising for a new generation craving authenticity. He said the board game industry is growing every year. Blockbuster games include Catan (with over 30 million sold around the world). It is no surprise that this has spawned new studios and even Kickstarter campaigns.

Randolph is currently working with Loto-Québec on a combined board game and lottery game.