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Professional gamer and influencer Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey helped put a face to the esports industry in her presentation entitled “A Passion for Video Games.”

This meant-to-be marketing student has become a five-time world champion in Counter-Strike competition, and a long-time pro-gaming female icon. Harvey has seen and participated in the evolution of esports since day one from the front seat. Interacting directly with her community through Twitch, she is creating an unprecedented connection with new fans, her fans.

Her 16 years in esports as a player and seven years in the industry as a developer resulted in her Forbes 30 Under 30 title and the BBC 100 women.

Harvey provided an upclose look at esports—which she defines as video games played competitively at amateur, semi-professional and professional levels—from multiple perspectives including careers, companies, organizations, pro players and content creators.

She described esports games as “a fragile ecosystem” which provides intense competitions and acclaimed gameplay and attracts strong communities.