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Aurelier Sauthier, Co-Founder & President of Made In, examined how to put experience and emotions at the service of the brand through influencer marketing.

“Over the past three years, Google searches for ‘influencer marketing’ grew by 1,500%,” said Sauthier.

Using real-life examples from the lottery and entertainment industries, Sauthier explored how to adopt influencer marketing best practices to promote the lottery brand to its target audience. She compared social platforms vs. research platforms. She listed the steps to building a campaign with digital influencers as well as adapting content strategy according to leading formats and platforms.

“Strategies of content marketing and influence must be orchestrated together,” said Sauthier. “Optimize your effort to gain a maximum immediate attention and make sure to be there when people are looking for you on search engines. Integrate influencers in your global communication strategy with an ongoing activation that goes beyond campaigns.”