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Luke Stilin, Director, CX Design & Innovation at OLG, spoke about leveraging partnerships to reach new audiences.

OLG and Corus Entertainment have embarked on an innovative partnership in support of the $5 Big Brother Canada instant ticket. The partnership spans all Big Brother Canada Season 7 platforms and touchpoints, including a custom, in-show Power of Veto Challenge where house guests scratched a life-sized $5 Big Brother Canada ticket, spun The Big $pin wheel, and played giant versions of Big Brother Bingo and Crossword.

Stilin said the results is C$13.3 million in sales and 86.4% sell through. There were 2.5 million viewers, with 1.1 million viewers aged 25-34. It was the number one program in its time slot.

“The ticket has engaged the U35 target audience and demonstrates the power of targeted partnerships,” said Stilin.