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Alyson Walker, VP, Brand Partnerships & Client Strategy at Bell Media, discussed “The Power of Media: Using Entertainment to Bring Emotions & Experiences to Life.”

Bell Media and its out-of-home division, Astral, are offering a unique vision of advertising through a review of the industry’s sharpest ideas and executions, courtesy of top local, national and international brands.

“At a time when the world is changing at a dizzying speed, imagination is our only limit as our commitment to innovation propels us forward,” said Walker. “We intend to help our clients stand out, conquer hearts and capture imaginations by becoming ambassadors for creativity. We aim not only to turn ideas into reality, but to create unforgettable moments between brands and their customers.”

She offered examples of using first party data through mobility, geo-mobile and set top box. “Using smart data to maximize your advertising and customer acquisition efforts: optimize targeting, personalize ads and align advertising and marketing strategies,” said Walker.