Caroline Fletcher, Vice President & Partner at The Sound, in conjunction with The Hive, presented “The Next Generation At Odds With The Lottery: An Illumination On NextGen Lottery Players.”

“Together with The Hive and OLG, we have been working very hard to understand the next generation of lottery players,” said Fletcher. “NextGen is under 34, as we know, are presenting industrywide challenges. So today I am going to tell you about what is going on with NextGen players and why they just aren’t connecting with the lottery like previous generations.”

They recruited three Next Gen players (aged 25 to 29). Attendees watched a video featuring them discussing why lottery didn’t appeal to them. This was followed by a lively discussion on stage. It was riveting.

The key takeaways: “The lottery too often reflects the opposite of what this generation values. Our Next Gen players live in an age that prioritizes having hustle, being humble, living social and staying realistic but the lottery doesn’t,” said Fletcher. “ . . . However the odds are good that there’s still hope our next Next Gen players want playing the lottery to be social, stay analog and feel worth it.”