The Powerball Panel addressed growth issues in fiscal 2019 and beyond.

“There is global interest and an opportunity to band together with some of the bloc lotteries around the world. We think we can address issues affecting the brand if we work together,” said Toyne.

“Our goal is to double Powerball sales in the next six years. That will not come from what we are currently doing,” said Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery. “I want to say that we would never sell Powerball into any market that we did not have an agreement with that other jurisdiction.

“The U.S. lotteries have to do something to address the turnover at the executive level. In the past two or three years we have lost a third of our directors. That is a loss of experience which leads to risk averse decision making,” added Grief. “The mandate for the development committee is go develop ideas that are flexible and scalable so not all 34 jurisdictions have to sign off on a concept before it begins.”

“The Powerball brand is doing incredibly well,” said Gregg Edgar, Executive Director, Arizona Lottery. “This is the first year that Arizona participated in Power Cruise. We were astonished how well it did for us. It speaks to the value of the brand. Developing a subcommittee is an important step to addressing the strategic goal of doubling sales.”