STRATACACHE Founder & CEO Chris Riegel presented “Winning the Game: Chemical Addiction, Micro Moments & The Modern Shopper.” Carmanah Signs is the Lottery & Gaming Division of STRATACACHE.

“STRATACACHE is a global leader in digital signage and sensor technology,” said Riegel. “We work with many sectors including retail, QSR, banking and gaming. Our focus is on shopper marketing as it applies to the consumers’ path to purchase in-store experiences.”

Understanding why the consumers buy and what motivates their behavior is a key to improving your results. “Modern sensors, displays and smart phones give you all the necessary tools to provide a better experience for your customers. All of this can be accomplished with privacy laws and best practices for consumer engagement,” explained Riegel.

STRATACACHE has built an optimization strategy around “The Modern Shopper” focused on micro-moments of joy. “All consumer experiences are based on the fact that every customer is a chemical addict,” said Riegel. “Every one of you is addicted to a specific chemical— dopamine. You have been trained through social media and the ability to get instant answers and search. All of these release tiny amounts of neurotransmitters which play a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior.”

He recommended three actions. “First Action: Use sensors in the modern shopper experience. Second Action: Link to the personalization engine. Third Action: Provide a modern, enjoyable experience.”

The secondary benefits of sensors is consumer insights, such as shopping pattern and brand loyalty.