IDEMIA Identity & Security France presented “Digital ID: From Regulatory Constraints to Opportunities.”

“Gaming operators are facing a lot of changes, including regulatory changes, and ethical expectations of the customers,” said Antoine Grenier, SVP Terminals Business Line, IDEMIA.
The regulations evolution and the ethical evolution are coming from various sides of the society. “We have in many countries more and more anti-money-laundering regulations which are appearing. We fortunately have laws that are being deployed for combatting the financing of terrorism that are impacting the industry. We have personally exposed people—people who are restrained from gaming for many reasons that we need to deal with,” he said.

This has to be done in a larger ecosystem, including omni-channels like brick and mortar, as well as the digital world.

There are opportunities provided by Digital ID. “We meet the challenges in a convenient way for everybody. It’s kept secure and simple for everybody,” said Grenier. “We need to make it dependable and rely on official documents to make sure this is a trusted identity we’re talking about. And possibly we can complete that with biometric controls to make sure nobody is using somebody else’s ID.”

Grenier stressed that “this has to be implemented in the existing ecosystem. In addition, digital ID provides great opportunities for gaming operators. With digital ID you can gather a great deal of qualitative and quantitative data on your customer that can open a new area of opportunities. It is an opportunity to provide the same customization, the same seamless, multi-channel customer experience that people like Netflix are providing today.”