Lazlo326 LLC presented “Delivering Lottery Solutions: Bringing Lottery, Retailers & Consumers Together” for its Gold Sponsor presentation.

LAZLO326 LLC Founder & CTO Michael Pinkus did an informal focus group with three millennials who had participated in a panel discussion at the Toronto conference. His goal was to find out whether Lazlo’s mobile solution would appeal to this demographic.

Knowing that an estimated 90% of consumers aged 18-64 own a smartphone (and that percentage will grow to 95% in next two years), Pinkus calculated that this group would want to use their smartphones for entertainment, gams and purchasing.

“Fun, engaging play will attract players and add a new dimension to their lottery purchases with stunning color and engaging video,” said Pinkus.

Lazlo’s mobile solution also adds value for players (including millennials) because consumer package goods companies (CPGs) want to cross-promote with lottery.

“CPGs have extensive advertising and promotional budgets,” said Pinkus. “We can now add true value to consumers and reward them for playing. Players can receive valuable CPG offers on their mobile devices when lottery tickets are purchased.”

Lazlo’s mobile solution can close the gap between lottery, retailers and consumers.“Lottery is played on all mobile devices,” said Pinkus. “No player registration is needed and lottery play is anonymous. Players can make a purchase decision before or while visiting the store.”

In addition, Lazlo integrates lottery into retailer apps and retailer POS. Retailers can now handle lottery products just like other items in their stores. Stores are geo-tagged for age verification.