Kevin Gass, VP, Lottery, and Jordan Willms, Director, Lottery Strategic Development, at BCLC discussed the lottery transformation.
Their Four Pillars of Transformation are the building blocks in how the plan to change not on the technology of the organization, but the thinking as well. One of those pillars focuses on maintaining a seamless customer experience through different channels and touch points. “We want to provide value to our customers no matter what touch point they are using, regardless of what channel,” Willms said.
Another pillar is focusing on following retail trends. “We need to know where consumer foot traffic is going and ensure we integrate in those areas so we are convenient and accessible for consumers.”
“From an enterprise perspective, this is just one step on a road map that is going to take us to an enterprise wide converged company which provides a seamless experience for players across all lines of business and all products,” Gass said. “Why should we do all of this? It is all about building that future player base. That is the most important piece. We have ample dialogue about our current play base. We have to start now to engage and build the player base of tomorrow. There is a bias towards millennials but it is more than that. There are a lot of light and causal players across all segments and demographics that really are at best lightly engaged in our business.”