Marty Yaskowich, EVP Chief Innovation Officer at Tribal DDB, spoke about the thin line in modern consumption between personalization and privacy. “For all that technology has brought us, there is still this huge gap between what the consumer really wants and needs and what we’re able to deliver,” Yaskowich said.
He brought up an example: “It’s something the lottery industry has been dealing with for many years. Your consumer, your player, they want the big jackpot. They want to win the big lottery, and the minute they do, they don’t want you to tell anyone about it.”
The average consumer is completely visible to the average company, because most of their information is on the internet and easily accessed. Sometimes consumers are happy to share this information, with companies and people, as it makes their life easier. However, companies have crossed the line in collecting and/or sharing information without the user’s knowledge and it has backfired in a very negative and public way. It is critical to find the balance of collecting, sharing and using information without crossing a line.
Yaskowich explained the direction of the markets in this way. “Modern brands are built for a networked world that is re-evaluating consumption, demanding transparency, expects amazing experiences over ads and appreciates brands that make better things,” he said.