Pascal Blyau, International Relations Director of the FDJ, presented on what it is exactly FDJ does with specific focus to the digital approach in retail.
“The world is starting to be global; in our vendors, in our competitors, whether they are coming from the casual, whether they are coming from the gambling industry. They concentrate. They get bigger. And our relative size is shrinking,” Blyau said. “We are looking more and more how we can increase our footprint internationally because we strongly believe that our domestic strategy is not sustainable if we are not looking internationally.”
FDJ is in a time of progression and moving into the future. “The most that we can see in our organization is that we start to have a strong focus in technology and in content,” he said. FDJ is looking to digitalize as much as possible. This includes many new POS systems. FDJ’s ELITE camera terminals can read fast and accurately any type of document such as scratch cards or ID-cards. They can also read smartphone QR codes.
FDJ has also developed a new type of game called MOTORs. “This is mainly an engine which enables players to make multi-draws,” Blyau explained.
FDJ believes these strategies will bring them to the future of the industry. “We need to create the conditions that innovation will happen, and if we want to do that, we can, because together we are strong,” said Blyau.