Kelley-Jaye Cleland, Director, Sales & Product Development and Maura McCann, Director, Marketing, New Hampshire Lottery examined how the lottery went from analog to digital in seven months.

“The journey of creating iLottery was much like the art of curating an awesome mix tape from the cassette cover art regarding the fonts, paper, and color of the pens; the songs, the careful order and selection that sets the tone; and the tape itself of the endless loop, duration, color, and quality,” said Cleland.

They examined analogous considerations made in developing iLottery and its portal. Though the medium was different, the planning, care, and considerations were all the same, according to McCann.
Download Presentation – Analog to Digital in 7 Months—A Realization that Launching iLottery Is like Making an Awesome Mix TapeKelley-Jaye Cleland & Maura McC

Kelley-Jaye Cleland, Director of Sales & Product Development & Maura McCann, Director, Marketing, New Hampshire Lottery