Richard Gotlieb, VP & GM, Lottery & Gaming, Blackhawk Network presented “Blackhawk Network’s Lottery Category.”

“Blackhawk Networks is uniquely positioned to make inlane lottery a success. This is a massive opportunity for incremental lottery sales through Blackhawk. We offer a full suite of products that are optimized for both consumers and retailers.” said Gotlieb.

Blackhawk operates a massive network including 60,000 outlets with its brand partners. Last year Blackhawk generated $22 billion in total volume through 113 unique retailer partners.

“Inlane customers account for just 4% of lottery sales but we have learned that if the experience is low friction to purchase the customer will try it,” said Gotlieb. “Over 70% of grocery customers said that it was too inconvenient to purchase lottery products for the grocery store.”
Jerrod Cummins, Head of Gift & Prepaid Services, The Kroger Company gave his retailer’s perspective. Kroger has 2,800 locations across 35 states. “Last year Kroger decided to centralize our lottery functions,” said Cummins. “Lottery for Kroger was run by junior staff on the store level. We did not fully understand the value of lottery to our business.

“From a market perspective we knew we were not at the place we wanted to be. We wanted to achieve transformational growth. We’ve been implementing operational best practices over the last six months. We are now scaling that out across the enterprise,” said Cummins.

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Richard Gotlieb, VP & GM, Lottery and Gaming, Blackhawk Networks