Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar discussed their “Costco Expansion & The Lottery Value Pricing Paradigm.”

Arizona Lottery recently entered into a pilot test with Costco. The effort has been structured on the value proposition for players and the premise that volume pricing will drive sales and add value for the industry. Edgar focused on the operation of the program, the learning from the effort and how this experience could be replicated with other retailers and in other markets.

“You have the ability to be flexible in the way you design this and that’s what we are working on with the vendor on this. We’re trying to create this in the vending machine so we can be really able to make it work for our purposes using the tickets in the market place that we have at that time in bundles that drive more value for us,” Edgar said.

Download Presentation – Costco Expansion and the Lottery Value Pricing Paradigm – Gregg Edgar, Arizona Lottery

Gregg Edgar, Executive Director, Arizona Lottery