Cheryl Couvillion, Draw, Keno and Sports Lottery Manager, Delaware Lottery, provided a case study on “Sports Pick: Delaware Sports Lottery.”
Delaware was one of the four states that was “grandfathered” in when PASPA originally passed in 1992, which allowed them to offer sports betting. However, they were only able to bet on football. After PASPA was repealed, it was the first state to offer full sports wagering in their casinos.

The lottery also operates sports betting through their retailers. They began to offer both pro and college football betting, retailers were able to sell off the board wagering, and they rebranded the game. “Our retailers sales increased 4.64% this year. We were expecting a 50% decline for straight wagering, and we were shocked that convenience was more important to them. We also underestimated the popularity of the parlay cards,” Couvillion said.

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Cheryl Couvillion, Draw, Keno & Sports Lottery Mgr., Delaware Lottery