Mark Smith, VP, Sales & Marketing, InComm presented “Inlane Innovation & Quick Ticket The Journey So Far.”

“InComm has closed the acquisition of Linq3. In doing so, InComm inherited Linq3’s team, mix and lottery contracts as well as IP for sports. InComm has over 850 brand partners such as a Google and Amazon. That is what the lotteries are to us, a key brand partner,” stated Smith.

InComm has a foundation of four technologies. “One is switch which is the payment processing technology. There is the API integration that connects the lotteries to retail distribution. We have POS activation technology which is essential to achieving success in the inlane space and Vanilla Direct which allows a cash preferred customer to load value at retail,” he said.

“We are a simplified POS activation platform that connects the gaming system to customers at retail. One of the product is QuickTicket; this a scratch to reveal players’ numbers activated at the time of purchase,” explained Smith. “We offer a lottery card product with preloaded value that allows players to enter MegaMillions and Powerball using mobile. Another technology is ‘print on receipt’ allowing players to get their numbers directly at the register. The POSA is an individual instant ticket activation. The retailer only pays for what they sell.”

Smith ended by describing InComm’s implmentation of the QuickTicket solution, which is an inlane solution. “We are working in Texas and Arizona. This stuff is hard and requires collaboration,” he stressed.

Download Presentation- InComm Presentation Revitalizing Lottery at Retail- Mark Smith, InComm

Mark Smith, VP, Sales & Marketing, InComm