Vivian Byrd, Senior Marketing Manager, DC09 presented INTRALOT’s “Expanding the Lottery Through Self-Service Terminals Case Studies.”
Byrd presented a Multi-Purpose (MP) terminal case study for the DC Lottery. Byrd said the program started in 2010 with social games. The MP program started in 2011. FastPlay, Tap’n’Play and progressive games were rolled out through the MPs. The games offered on DC Lottery’s MP have grown from $500,000 to over $11 million in less than a decade. There are 99 MPs installed.

“In 2014, the DC Lottery, because of a contracting issue, had no instant games in the market. DC Lottery used the WinStation already in retailer locations to bridge the gap,” said Byrd. “DC positioned the Tap’n’Play game as an alternative to scratch. A sticker was placed on the WinStation to draw the players’ attention to the game. FastPlay sales grew exponentially,” said Byrd.

The philosophy of selling Fast Play games through the WinStation is to expose the online instant game through the self-service machine so that it may have a similar level of market presence as Scratcher games. The goal was to maximize the utilization of WinStation machines and offer players more diversified types of instant gratification games.

The Ohio lottery uses the Multi-Purpose Next Generation (MPNG). “These terminal feature video games. The machines represent 69% of Keno sales. Players appreciate the benefit of self service,” said Byrd.

INTRALOT Expanding the Lottery thru Self-Service Terminals Case Studies

Vivian Byrd, Senior Marketing Manager, DC09