John White, Deputy Director & CFO, New Jersey Lottery delivered “New Jersey Lottery Courier Program.”

The courier law was passed by both houses in December 2016. The purpose was to enable a person or business entity that is registered with the NJ Lottery to purchase tickets on behalf of the state and deliver to those individuals as a “for profit” service and provide other “concierge” services.

White covered the regulation details in his presentation, such as the courier’s ability to advertise and the director’s ability to suspend a courier’s license.

White said the first application has been submitted and is under review “while regulations on bonding are being loosened. Once fully vested and approved, this courier and all subsequently approved couriers will have their names listed as registered couriers on the NJ Lottery website.”

“Retailers are very guarded about this. We meet with our retailer boards/associations because they sell our tickets and we want them to be happy and address their concerns on various fronts. We are working with them and regulators once the courier system is up and running all ships are raised,” White said.

Currently, couriers would be required to take out a $40 million bond. Potential couriers have complained this is too expensive of a requirement. The NJ Lottery is currently considering reducing this clause. “We’re anxious to move forward as quickly and comfortably as possible. We’d love to have them on board, and we’re doing what we need to do to get the regulations in an area where they are balanced between our needs but they are not too onerous.”

This is expected to increase the amount of courier applicants. “We heard it could be as high as 12, but I feel it will be four to six,” said White.

Download Presentation – New Jersey Lottery’s Courier System – John White, New Jersey Lottery

John White, Deputy Director & CFO, New Jersey Lottery