Kentucky’s Delacenserie looked at “Scratch-Off Best Practice.”

The Kentucky Lottery Corp. (KLC) has an ambitious goal of generating $1 billion annually in Scratch Off Sales within five years. Sales last fiscal year were $613 million. In order to reach this goal, a number of changes were required in the way KLC did business.

“A heavy focus was applied to the basics, game-specific planograms, better game offerings, early new game activations, reduced out of stocks, a full year out marketing plan that included media support for every launch, and larger print runs. It also included moving to a cooperative services program (CSP) program with our vendor Scientific Games managing both ordering and shipping. The improvements have led to a current YTD increase of over 8% with a goal of finishing the year at +10%,” said Delacenserie.

Download Presentation – Tom Delacenserie, President & CEO, Kentucky Lottery

Tom Delacenserie, President & CEO, Kentucky Lottery