Carlos Rodriguez, Director, Lottery Games, Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC), presented “Creating a Star.” The lottery’s instant ticket development strategy inspiration comes from many different places.
“Customer feedback on CLC’s social media platforms gives insight into what is well-received and what may need improvement,” said Rodriguez. CLC also monitors social media to observe trends in color and design, as well as find inspiration for new games.
“Once we have an idea of what we like, we pass it on to our vendors. Afterwards, we test our products with qualitative research studies. Finally, we also make sure we get our retailers’ thoughts. On occasion we bring them in or send out a team to survey,” he said.
Shutterstock provided inspiration for the Star Platinum Play scratcher. “We designed it, loved it internally and then asked the retailers and they loved it as well. We printed 7 million copies of it,” he said.
Sales are sparkling for Star. The 24-week index is 186. Star represents 3.25% of weekly instant sales. It also had the second highest week of sales of similar games.