Jodie Warren, Account Director, MDB, reported on the D.C. Lottery’s new Chuck Brown scratch ticket.
Chuck Brown is the Godfather of “Go Go” music, which is very influential in the district. “The D.C. Lottery has had a connection with Chuck Brown for a while,” said Warren. “In the past, before Chuck passed, he did a commercial with the D.C. Lottery describing all the products in the D.C. Lottery category. But now, the D.C. Lottery is branding an instant ticket.”
There are three scenes depicted on the Chuck Brown ticket, including one version that uses old retro promotional signage from over 20 years ago. The lottery plans to celebrate the “Summer of Chuck” with four events and utilizing the Lucky Lottery Mobile for sales opportunities. “John Gorman created a unique product that was meaningful to D.C.,” Warren said.