Katherine Cundiff, Strategic Games Manager, Virginia Lottery, discussed the eXTRA Chances Loyalty Pilot.
Virginia Lottery’s second chance “eXTRA” promotion went through two phases. The first phase introduced the instant win component. The lottery had a lot of success but it was only used on certain games, so it had to start and stop different programs, which cost money and time. Now, the Virginia Lottery has implemented the second phase, which repositioned eXTRA as a standardized quarterly program.
“With the pilot, we set objectives for ourselves. We wanted to achieve 20% Virginia adult awareness through consumer engagement and generate retail chatter and program appeal—education and prizing. It wasn’t about growing sales, but rather maintaining sales and promote ongoing trial,” Cundiff said.
The Virginia Lottery’s results to date show 24% awareness among Virginia adults. They have had 94,471 participants to date. Amazingly, 30% of those who entered a ticket had never entered a ticket before and 11% were new players completely.