Leo Mamorsky, Chief Marketing Officer, Maryland Lottery presented “Launching Cash for Life.”
Introducing a new game with limited marketing funds is always a challenge. This presentation covered strategies and tactics utilized and the advertising launch program created and implemented.
The most fascinating approach was the inspiration for the ad campaign. Due to the nature of the game, winning $1,000 each and every day feels like reliving the same day. And so a connection was made with the movie Groundhog Day where a man relives the same exact day over and over.
“The theme revolved around new beginnings and sunshine and love. It focused on how great your next day will be. The graphics around the campaign used sunshine, something spiritual to help get that message across,” Mamorsky said.
The Maryland Lottery was able to generate 54% awareness in six weeks. There was strong message comprehension, with 60% recall of “$1,000 a Day for Life” and 45% recall of game name.