Alchemy3 presented “National Campaign Execution” based on the 26 U.S. lotteries participating in the Powerball PowerCruise promotion. There were 936 winners.
“After years of capitalizing on the sensation of high jackpots, Powerball has become a victim of its own success resulting in ‘jackpot fatigue.’ Lottery marketers have strategized on how to engage consumers during all periods of jackpot cycles. Powerball lotteries have made concerted efforts to market themselves as a national brand by aligning with private sector companies and providing consumers with a reason to play beyond mega-jackpots. The Power Cruise promotion was conceived through creative thinking to deliver an experiential prize that appeals to a variety of consumers,” said Derek Gwaltney, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Alchemy3.
Alchemy3 explored the journey from “where we came, how we executed and where the future may take us,” said Gwaltney.
The success of PowerCruise can be looked at multiple different ways. As of the A3 presentation, PowerCruise was just 100,000 tickets shy of 6 million entries. In surveys, 96% of people said they would play again. The PowerCruise app was downloaded 237,244 times. It was ranked #10 on Google Play and #15 on iTunes. There was 303,000+ active players. And 34% of those players were lapsed, infrequent or new players.
“The best part is we have the ability to ride the coat tails of that cruise in January and do PowerCruise2 right after the cruise—leverage the media, leverage the experience and show the consumers what they are going to win because they have some reference now. We can do it bigger, we can do it better and hopefully we can have more lotteries,” said Gwaltney.