Maura McCann, Marketing Director, New Hampshire Lottery talked about the agency’s new Insight Community developed with Vision Critical.
This community helps deliver feedback from players and retailers, create marketing campaigns that excite and engage, develop and execute best-in-class product innovation, gain in-depth understanding of players’ motivations and move beyond transactional data to understand why.
Winning at player engagement required building a web-based portal to register a database of players in the Cloud, recruiting members from client databases, building a member profile to segment players for authentic member experience, capturing stories (through Vision Critical surveys and discussion tools) and creating stories.
Now, 74% of players respond to the surveys with a 46% completion rate. The New Hampshire Lottery uses these survey groups to collect valuable data on how their players think.
The Community’s first activity was using the WINnovators community to determine if the market mix with Chuck McLuck needed to be refreshed.