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It is the same age old questions that challenge every business. How do we generate a bigger audience? How do we reach a more diverse group of people? How do we ensure a healthy cycle of converting new audiences into loyal customers? It is no different for Lotteries, and no more so than now.

It is no secret that the greatest challenge currently facing the industry is staying relevant, particularly with the barrage of entertainment outlets being bombarded at consumers. Vying for customers’ attention is more competitive than ever, making differentiation the key; you can no longer survive on a retail offering alone. Lotteries have been increasingly turning towards the digital arena, correctly identifying it as the best solution to attracting a newer, more accessible audience. However, in order to succeed, cutting through the noise to grab the attention of an audience is paramount. This is no easy task, particularly when considering said audience seek instant gratification and bite sized content.

So, what is the best route for Lotteries to take?