FDJ launches its new mobile application on both iOS and Android today. It allows players to play, Euro Millions, Illiko Games and others. The new applications replaces 3 applications that were previous avaliable (Loto, Euro Millions – My Million, and Illiko Apps.

The new application has a very intuitive design that is defined by its minimalism and use of simple shapes and bright colors.

The home page allows players to see current jackpots of games like Loto, Euro Millions, Keno Winner for Life or Bingo Live. Players can prepare play slips on the app for the point of sale. Play slips can be saved as favorites.

Another novelty for POS players will instantly discover their winnings with Loto, Euro Millions – My Million and Keno Winner for Life.

FDJ plans to have a TV commercial to inform the public of the app on June 11th.