When the scratch ticket Jobie Boals-Watters purchased in 2015 won him $100,000, the Iowa Lottery unveiled a photo of him holding an enlarged check.

But there was a problem: Boals-Watters was only 20 years old — too young to legally purchase a lottery ticket in Iowa.

Iowa only allows people under 21 to get lottery tickets if they are purchased for them by people over 21, such as for a gift.

Boals-Watters initially said his scratch ticket was purchased by a co-worker for him at the Super Quick Foods grocery store, 303 S.E. 30th St., Des Moines, court records show.

The lottery awarded Boals-Watters the prize money, which was $70,000 after taxes. But a tipster alleged Boals-Watters had purchased the ticket himself using a fake ID.