The specific topic for the American Gaming Association national conference call on Monday was the formation of a sports betting coalition that will include local elected officials as well as law enforcement leaders.

But New Jersey – ever the epicenter of gambling in the U.S. for the past five or six years – was the subject of the first media question and several others as well.

The announcement last month by the U.S. Solicitor General that the office has recommended that the U.S. Supreme Court need not take up New Jersey’s sports betting case is seen as a virtual death knell in some circles. That’s because the Court in January asked the informal “10th Justice” to do its due diligence on the matter, and the Court traditionally accepts that advisement (though of course it isn’t obligated to do so).

So when my turn came, I asked AGA President Geoff Freeman if there was any reason that this case was likely to buck the system, as it were, with the Court taking it up after all.