BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) – The West Virginia Lottery is having a bill drafted to be introduced to the state legislature this session that would authorize sports betting in the state. This bill, however, would only be authorized at the states 4 race tracks and casinos in addition to the Greenbrier Resort. The draft states that “The Legislature finds that in order to protect the residents of the state who wager on sports or other events and to capture revenues and create jobs generated from sports wagering, it is in the best interest of this state to authorize its citizens to regulate this activity by authorizing and establishing a secure, responsible, fair, and legal system of sports wagering immediately when the federal ban is lifted.” Some people believe that this is the lotteries way of producing another route of income and paving the way for sports gambling to be authorized in hotspots. Others, including two state legislators see no harm in the bill so long as it’s restricted to casinos alone. Democratic State Delegate Tim Miley stated, “While I am not particularly fond of gambling as a way to support our state’s economy, I will support the legislation because it is limited only to the in-state casinos. We are currently losing market share to casinos in surrounding states and this might be a way to help our casinos in West Virginia remain competitive and profitable.” Republican Guy Ward had similar comments, saying he would support the bill so long as it was restricted to casinos. Staying it would be profitable for the state. With both democrats and republicans agreeing on the bill, the prognosis looks promising for the West Virginia Lottery. For some sports fans who like to gamble, this would mean more at stake at their next casino trip in the state. Reporting in Bridgeport for channel 5 news, I’m Mehgan Haskiell.