New and existing Arizona Lottery retailers are getting an economic stimulus again this year as the Lottery extends their successful license fee waiver promotion through the June 30, 2020. This means a savings of up to $67 for all new and existing Arizona Lottery retailers who can continue to acquire or maintain their licensing at no cost!

“We are dedicated to creating and strengthening our retail partnerships across the state,” said Raynie Hosto, Deputy Director of Customer Service and Sales for the Arizona Lottery. “This promotion will allow new retailers to partner with the Arizona Lottery with greater ease, and will allow current Arizona Lottery retailers license renewals with no cost associated. We look forward to growing our network of retailers over the next year.”

The Arizona Lottery is proud to have this growing retail network of more than 3,000 retailers, ranging from big-box stores, like Walmart and Costco, to independent grocery and convenience stores across the Grand Canyon State. These thousands of accessible Arizona Lottery retailers are creating an exciting play experience and lasting relationships for loyal customers.

Every Arizona Lottery retail partner receives a 6.5% commission on all Lottery sales, which happens to be one of the highest commissions in the country, in addition to opportunities to earn bonus sales incentives. In fact, Arizona Lottery retailers across the state earned almost $67 million in commissions in FY2018 and have set a new record in FY2019.

Additionally, more than nine in 10 Arizona Lottery customers also purchase at least one additional product while in a retail store, further increasing those retailers’ sales. Retailers also receive free marketing support and technical maintenance.