The Iowa Lottery Authority issued a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to
allow interested Vendors to submit Proposals for the implementation and operation of a
Lottery Gaming System (“System”), including associated gaming products, equipment
and support services.
In light of the complexity of the operations and the need to ensure consistent, reliable
performance, the Lottery will only consider proposals submitted from Vendors that can
establish a minimum of five years related lottery experience and have current gaming
system contracts with at least one lottery jurisdiction who are current members of the
North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL).
Any system proposed pursuant to this RFP must be sufficiently flexible to meet the
evolving requirements of the Iowa Lottery and the expectations of Lottery players in Iowa.
System and services contemplated for provision under this RFP include, but are not
limited to, the following:
 Lotto and InstaPlay game sales at retail and nontraditional locations;
 Lotto, InstaPlay and Scratch ticket validations capabilities;
 Pull-tab ticket verification capabilities;
Iowa Lottery Authority IL 20-01 Computer Gaming System and Related Products & Services
 Support for accounting processes relating to the sale of lottery games and the
distribution of lottery prizes, including but not limited to processes that include
separate accounting for Lotto, Scratch, InstaPlay, and Pull-Tab games, in addition
to any future gaming types that could be implemented by the Lottery;
 Game warehousing, inventory and distribution applications for the Lottery’s
existing Scratch and Pull-tab tickets, as well as any future gaming types that could
be implemented by the Lottery;
 Provision of a sales force automation system that provides systems and actionable
retailer data that allow for more productive Lottery sales calls;
 Primary and back-up computer systems, data centers, and related facilities for
provision of lottery services.
 Network Communications to Lottery and Retailer Equipment
 Retailer Network Terminals, Retailer Displays & Jackpot Signs
 Multipurpose Vending Machines/Kiosks
 Operations Services
 Internal Control Systems (ICS)
 Repair of, maintenance of, and updates for all equipment and software
Additionally, the Lottery will be evaluating responses relating the Vendor’s capabilities to
provide new technologies and gaming opportunities. These new technologies that will be
considered with the response include, but are not limited to, the Vendor’s capability to
provide goods and services to facilitate Sports Gaming, API/In-lane sales, Mobile Gaming
and iGaming. The Lottery will also evaluate the Vendor’s capability to provide the Lottery
with additional services incidental to Lottery operations, including but not limited to ticket
warehouse and distribution services.