Every 10 years, the United States Constitution requires a complete count of every man, woman and child living in the country to help determine everything from the number of senators and representatives in Congress to the level of funding for individual federal programs that touch our daily lives. This year, the Arizona Lottery is assisting the Census Bureau to accomplish that mission by advertising job openings for census takers and other positions in Arizona.

“We at the Arizona Lottery understand how vital it is for every Arizonan to be counted in the 2020 Census,” said Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar. “Just as the Lottery is committed to doing good in Arizona by funding important programs that benefit us all, we are proud to help the Census Bureau hire hundreds of employees this year, driving our economy forward and ensuring Arizona gets every dollar due to our state.”

This year, the Arizona Lottery is assisting the U.S. Census Bureau’s hiring efforts by posting jobs messaging on more than 3,000 Lottery terminals in every licensed retailer across the state. U.S. Census Bureau Partnership Coordinator, Pauline Nunez credits those Arizona Lottery retail terminal monitor graphics with, “a significant increase in our applicant numbers.”

“Arizona is committed to a successful 2020 Census and a critical part of this effort is those leading the count across our state,” said Debbie Johnson, Chair of the Arizona Complete Count Committee. “The collaboration between Arizona Lottery and the U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting Arizonans directly in their communities to be part of our shared success next year.”