In 2018 the Members of the European Lotteries Association provided an overview of how they work and demonstrated the importance of State Lotteries for society. This year’s 13th report is the most detailed regarding both EL members operating in the EU and EL members all together.

In 2018, the money contributed to society by 51 EL members in the EU (that reported their contributions) amounted to €18bn, channelled towards sports, culture, funds for other good causes and taxes for treasury. As for all reporting EL members (72 in total), their contribution to society amounted to €20bn in 2018. This means that some 52 percent of the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) generated by EL members (not including sponsorships) went back to society in the respective countries.

Responsible gaming activities are an integral part of the core business of EL members. In 2018 they continued to spend a significant effort on measures to prevent problem gambling.

The report goes on to cover key descriptive statistics about current members operating in Europe in 2018. As EL members operate a variety of game activities, depending on their historic background, local legal conditions, or their positions in the market, the emphasis placed on particular gaming activities may differ from one member to another.