The Iowa Lottery is creating a nonstop season of fun with its Summer Cash Bash promotion. The lottery is mixing things up in the Prize Zone this summer with a $250,000 cash prize pool and 90 winners. There are five eligible tickets and five prize levels ($1,000 to $5,000) during each entry period.

“The Iowa Lottery engages with players through monthly Pop-Up contests, our Prize Zone Play It Again 24/7 portal and additional VIP Club initiatives. Our summer promotion, called the Summer Cash Bash, is also running through the Prize Zone and, in addition to drawing for cash prizes every two weeks, we are also engaging our players through special statewide radio promotions,” said Teri Wood, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Iowa Lottery.

Players can enter their eligible (nonwinning) tickets from different scratch games for a chance to win cash. Currently, the Iowa Lottery is offering cash prizes for $1,000 cash drawing (Double Doubler), $2,000 cash drawing (Lucky No. 13), $3,000 cash drawing (Word Match), $4,000 cash drawing (7 HD) and $5,000 cash drawing (Jewel Game Book). The higher cash prize drawings are associated with higher price point games. For instance, the Jewel Game Book is a $20 ticket.

VIP Club members can Play It Again® – all day, every day – for a chance to win prizes!

In terms of special digital promotions and social media events planned for draw games in first quarter of fiscal 2021, Wood said “the bulk of our efforts will be focused on the Prize Zone, VIP Club initiatives, and the start of our holiday promotion for the upcoming season.”

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