Unscramble words, identify iconic sites and guess Hoosier delicacies are just a few of the fun games that Hoosier Lottery launched to keep lottery players engaged during the pandemic.

“The Hoosier Lottery continues to utilize our myLOTTERY platform to engage players via email and mobile app, in addition to broader social media and website touchpoints,” said Gary Melliere, Senior Director of Marketing, Hoosier Lottery. “We’ve also developed fun, non-lottery games and activities delivered via social media, such as word scramble and ‘identify the Hoosier Landmark’ which has been blurred.”

For example, the lottery posted a blurry photo of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway—“Can you guess this iconic Indiana site? Check back tomorrow to see if you are right.” On the next day, players see three separate photos with the caption spread out: “Did you guess / the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? / Nice Job!”

Knowing delicious photos of food often makes you stop to look, the Hoosier Lottery posted an unrecognizable photo of a blob: “Can you guess / this famous / Hoosier delicacy? / Check back tomorrow to see if you are right?” It turns out that the blob is actually a mouthwatering sandwich. “Did you guess / Pork Tenderloin Sandwich? / Nice Job!”

Lottery players can also enjoy a word scramble game that requires them to figure out top rated tourist attractions (MURSEGL ETJOIEMU) which is revealed as Eiteljorg Museum.

“We’re currently in the process of building out a weekly trivia program for myLOTTERY members, providing an opportunity for players to test their knowledge of Indiana while having a chance to win a Hoosier Lottery prize pack,” said Melliere.

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