There will be seven presentations at La Fleur’s Lottery Marketers’ eSymposium on Wednesday, September 2. The two-hour program starts at 3 pm EST. Below are excerpts of what you can expect to hear discussed. There will be one presentation on instant ticket sales trends, three presentations on draw game sales trends, two presentations on advertising and social media and one presentation on retail sales.

Each lottery panelist will serve as a Discussion Leader for seven different topics related to marketing and advertising instant scratch and draw games during the pandemic. We will ask for feedback from each of our seven lottery panelists. We also hope to “open the floor” to questions by chat from our audience.


Pandemic Instant Sales Surge

Discussion Leader: Glenn Strong, Deputy Commissioner, Games & Marketing, Michigan Lottery

U.S. lotteries’ instant sales declined 12% in weeks 11-16 (average) and then surged 19% in weeks 17-26. Prior to the pandemic declared on March 11, U.S. lotteries’ instant ticket sales were averaging 5% growth.
“All 989 U.S. commercial and tribal casinos closed for several weeks. Detroit’s commercial casinos closed March 16 and partially reopened on August 5: 15% capacity, social distancing, masks, slots reduction, no buffets or smoking,” said Strong.



Dealing With Low Bloc Lotto Jackpots

Discussion Leader: Stephanie Weyant, Deputy Executive Director, Marketing & Product Development, Pennsylvania Lottery

“Challenge for marketers. No news hook. No media coverage. No excitement. No product changes to talk about. Product jackpots are a function of sales. Jackpots failing to meet player expectations. Product Enhancement = Marketing Opportunity!” said Weyant.


Managing Draw Game Sales and Launching New Products During the Pandemic

Discussion Leader: Pete Donahue, Senior Director of Marketing, Connecticut Lottery Corp.

“New game launch (Fast Play Progressive). Was that a good idea? Totally new product requiring player and retailer education. LSRs not in the field. Disruption after disruption,” said Donahue.


Game Development. What’s New What’s Next.

Discussion Leader: Adam Caughill, Director of Lottery Innovation, Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG)

“What works for us? Curiosity gap –‘unboxing.’ Gambling insight. Right game, right channel. Buried Treasure + Choice. Delayed win reveals,” explained Caughill.



Engaging Players with Social Media

Discussion Leader: Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Products & Marketing, Arizona Lottery

“How can the Arizona Lottery continue to increase social media engagement on its main platforms and continue to reach new audiences? During a time when the world was on the brink or beginning stages of a pandemic the Arizona Lottery was met with a choice on how to come together to support our social community and beyond,” said Rogers.


Advertising in 2020

Discussion Leader: Terri Rose, Director of Marketing, Virginia Lottery

“Future advertising? Don’t expect time spent to snap back to where it was in 2019. Patterns of usage were already evolving. Economic fallout from the pandemic will continue to influence time spent beyond 2020,” said Rose.



Sales Issues Amid COVID-19: Reps In A Distant Selling Environment

Discussion Leader: Justin Rock, Deputy Secretary of Product & Sales, Florida Lottery

“What’s ahead? Reacclimate, restore, run. Strategic focus on high volume. Pre-sell the visit. Restore relationships. Preparation for deflation,” said Rock.

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