Launched in September 2019, the Colorado Lottery’s new, enhanced Colorado Lotto+ game saw 26% growth in its first year compared to original Lotto sales from the previous fiscal year. Colorado Lotto + sales have grown by more than $2.26 million per quarter, and it is on track to surpass multi-state game Mega Millions for popularity in Colorado. Scratch games and Colorado Lotto + have the highest revenue growth rates among Lottery games.

This fiscal year Colorado Lotto+ sales were $32.9 million, just 13% under Mega Millions sales for the year. Revenue from multi-state draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions has been decreasing in recent years due to jackpot fatigue and increased draw game competition.

The new $2 ticket offers increased odds of winning and more ways to win, which have motivated a growing number of players to try Colorado Lotto+. The game celebrated its first jackpot winner in December of last year, with five jackpot winners total to-date. The largest Colorado Lotto+ jackpot was $5.4 million.

“Colorado Lotto + has resonated strongly with our players. It has the appeal of large jackpots but is only sold in Colorado. Our loyal Lotto players took to the updated game immediately and features like the automatic multiplier at no extra cost and “Plus” game option have been extremely popular. These features make the game more winnable and add new excitement to an already popular product.”

Similar to the original Lotto game, Colorado Lotto+ players choose six numbers or use a computer generated “quick pick.” But instead with a field of 42 numbers, players have only 40 numbers to choose from. The new game structure increases odds of winning the jackpot from 1 in 5.2 million to 1 in 3.8 million and the odds of winning any prize from 1 in 35 to 1 in 30. Prizes increased as well, as each ticket includes a randomly selected multiplier from 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X that applies to all non-jackpot prizes. Players can also play an additional $1 “Plus” add-on feature for a chance to win an additional $250,000 jackpot drawing that is held immediately following the initial Colorado Lotto+ drawing.

Here’s a video on how it’s played: