Despite COVID-19 restrictions, the Florida Lottery successfully launches 3-D animated spot to promote MONOPOLY Scratch-0ffs.

In the midst of COVID-19 related TV production cancellations, the Florida Lottery Brand team along with Advertising agency PPK was forced to reconsider their MONOPOLY TV creative. In order to stay on schedule with the Scratch Product’s release date that was set for July 2020, the Florida Lottery and PPK took the creative in a different direction.

The project was originally conceived to be a live-action spot, but the Florida Lottery and PPK took this as an opportunity to bring a whimsical animation style to the fore. Animation was a shift from the look of its previous Florida Lottery campaigns, but the Florida Lottery team and PPK felt that animation was a good fit for the more lighthearted MONOPOLY product.

“In light of the production limitations happening at the onset of COVID-19, we welcomed the opportunity to try an alternative technique to bring this game to life. Animation was a perfect fit to tell the MONOPOLY story. With the partnership of PPK, our advertising agency, we fully trusted that we’d be able to maintain the polished style consistent with all our advertising, while ensuring the entertainment of our products,” says Amber Seale, Chief of Brand Management for the Florida Lottery.

The Florida Lottery and PPK worked with animation house, ROOF Studio to bring these spots to life. Great attention to detail was paid, ensuring all the 3D elements really came to life. This included adding a scratch or rust on every single object in the scenes. The spot was brought to life in just five short weeks!

The animation production process aligned with COVID-19 safety recommendations and did not involve any on-set productions or in-person interaction. All creative reviews, feedback and monitoring by the Lottery team and PPK was conducted remotely. The MONOPOLY spot was trafficked on schedule to support the MONOPOLY Bonus Spectacular ticket launch. The eight-week flight included not only :15/:30s TV, but also Digital, Social, and OOH (Out of Home) including digital billboards, digital in-store screens and GSTV (Gas Station TV).

Here’s a brief synopsis of the Florida Lottery MONOPOLY TV spot: MONOPOLY money comes raining down on a charming neighborhood in this 3D-animated spot. The story unfolds on a picturesque morning where an elderly man sips his morning coffee on the front porch. “Barbara, it’s happening again,” he declares before it is revealed that his wife has just scratched off a MONOPOLY Bonus Spectacular ticket. The fun spreads next door when a neighbor walks by with a ticket in hand and tries his luck. The spot concludes with the Florida Lottery tagline, “It’s your ticket.”

Gold Award for MONOPOLY Ad

The Florida Lottery won a Gold Award for its MONOPOLY TV Ad from Graphis, which just announced the winners of the 2021 International Graphis Advertising Annual competition. All of the winning work will be featured in a distinctive coffee table book. This is a renowned global publication, which will show Florida Lottery and its ad agency PPK’s work alongside other acclaimed creative agencies such as ARSENAL, 72andSunny Los Angeles, Goodby Silverstein, Saatchi & Saatchi, etc. All the winning work can be viewed at this link Advertising Annual 2021.

Florida Lottery’s Gold award (Graphis)