Atlantic Lottery Corp. (ALC) plans to make this holiday season a HIT without marketing any holiday-theme Scratch ‘n Win tickets.La Fleur's Magazine will feature a holiday scratch roundup.

“We did not produce any holiday specific tickets due to concerns around COVID-19. Instead, we decided to launch the HIT family and position this family as our Holiday line-up,” explained Brigitte Porelle Bourque, Product Manager, Scratch, ALC.

Instead ALC presented the three HIT tickets in holiday POS. This family went on sale on November 4. Three price points are offered: C$2, C$5 and C$10.

ALC’s three-part holiday marketing strategy will focus on retail, website and email awareness.

There will be exclusive segmented emails to opted in players, personalized to Instant Wins players in last 90 days and 2Chance (retail only).