The Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC) plans to make its customers merry with its sleigh-full of holiday fun landing at lottery retailers. The slogan for its holiday scratcher advertising campaign is “Spread a little Holiday Cheer!”La Fleur's Magazine will feature a holiday scratch roundup.

“Our Holiday ticket portfolio will be similar to last year ($1 Holiday Cash, $2 Holiday Bonus and $5 Merry Money). We, of course, expect all of these games to be popular with our players and purchased as gifts,” said Pete Donahue, Senior Director, Marketing, CLC.

But the lottery also plans to spread a little winter cheer. “It has been a while since we included winter-themed games as well,” reported Donahue. “This year, we are including a $2, $3 (extended play) and a $10 winter-themed game set to launch in mid-November. We proactively got the world out to our LSRs and retailers so they’d know in advance so they would be aware of the full holiday/winter mix. We expect that $10 ticket (Winter Winnings) to be a strong seller as well.”

Donahue said CLC not be “making any changes to the way we market this holiday season” due to the pandemic.

But virtual outreach will critical if consumers are limiting trips to retail establishments. “We will be very active on social media and digital platforms to make sure we provide as many touchpoints as possible to get our messaging to consumers,” said Donahue.

As example, CLC will try holiday influencers. “For the first time, Connecticut will be adding a Social Media Influencer campaign. We’ve been looking into this recently and feel like the holiday campaign is the perfect to implement this tactic,” said Donahue.