The DC Lottery will kickstart the holiday season with its new Sleigh Ride to Riches 2nd chance campaign.

“Players will have the opportunity to enter this year’s holiday games—$1 Snow Bank, $2 Holiday Magic, $5 Make it Rein, and $1 Candy Cane Cash (Fast Play)—into this new 2nd Chance contest to win up to $50,000 in total cash prizes,” said Stephen Cooke, Instant Product Manager, DC Lottery. “With each entry, players will receive a certain number of points, depending on the price point/ticket entered, and go on an interactive sleigh ride to a pool of riches (their final destination).”

Each ticket represents an entry. “Unlike previous holiday contests, where we asked players to collect all games for one entry, this contest treats each Scratcher, or Fast Play, as a stand alone point of entry,” said Cooke. “We figured this would be a safer alternative, given the current pandemic, than to have players canvasing the city in search of all of the games. This contest is fun, interactive, and should be a treat for players looking for something entertaining while they make less frequent trips from home.”

DC Lottery plans to promote the campaign on social and radio channels. Virtual outreach is extremely important.

“We are making sure to promote heavily online and to meet the players where they are! This is another reason why we designed this interactive 2nd chance contest. We wanted extend the playing experience by providing another outlet for our players to have fun. People are at home on the computer and we wanted to have something for them to do while they were online,” said Cooke.